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Wiki Revamps/Changes

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if any of you had suggestions as to what should be changed/revamped when it comes to the wiki. I don't have a lot more when it comes to ideas/templates, but I'd like to hear all of your suggestions!
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Comments/Discussions Policy (?)
Main Page revamp etc. Etc.
Those sound good! Can you elaborate on them though? (Like what exactly do you think needs to be changed with those specific things)
For comments policy, it's probably mandatory, I wouldn't really want random over which webtoon is better than the other, and for the main page, it's like you put a base code, add some css, put in some extras and you have a main page. Further going into that, maybe something like featured webtoon of the week/month and news (like this week these webtoon(s) are becoming featured). I still need to work on an original infobox design :b

A comment policy I have in mind would be like anything that claims a character isn't allowed, flame wars, and to the extreme, death threats wouldn't be allowed. Saying one webtoon is better over another is not allowed and harassment isn't allowed. All that good stuff for a healthy fandom.
Ah okay, that makes more sense now. I plan on adding more to the main page, right now I'm more focused on getting the first 50 pages (we're halfway there! :D). As for the comments policy, yeah, i don't think ANYONE wants those kinds of comments besides those who decide to start screaming "oM G G G G G :rEBIRTH Is bEttr than I L O ve yoU!!!11 u cAN FIte me!!11" and then it becomes a flame war that we have to delete, lol.
Nice idea to mimic a highlight on forums with a notif though.
thanks :3

I wish discussions was a bit more like the forums imo, but oh well. I guess on the bright side, it makes the wiki look more modernized (?) in a way?
Forums is a lot better, I liked the different boards you could make and the possibilities of a community vote. But who knows right? Maybe discussions will have a glow up and be better than forums.
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