April Flowers is a featured Fantasy webtoon created by ccustard; it updates every Friday. In this webtoon, April, the main character, encounters a half human half demon hybrid in her new school where monsters are frowned upon, as that is what the humans learn to kill. While she sees the good in this hybrid, everyone else makes fun of her, and April goes through a trial of learning about compassion and empathy.

Synopsis Edit

Ghosts and demons roam the earth, and it's up to exorcists to stop them. Powerful, fearless, and courageous- it's April's dream to become an exorcist, and when she's admitted into Elden Academy, the top school for exorcism, she's more than excited to start. However, the appearance of an unexpected roommate reveals the secrets and lies that lay within the world of ghost hunting.

Characters Edit

April Bay : First Year, Iris's Roomate, Reaver

August Schuyler : Archer, School Cleric's Younger Brother

Iris: Hybrid : (Half-Human & Half-Demon), April's Roomate, Archer

Aria Sol : Elite Team's Ethera, Emelié's sister

Daniel Watson : Elite Team's Venator

Victoria Scarlen : Elite Team's Cleric

Julius : Elite Team's Reaver

Emelié Sol : Aria's sister, Ethera, Almost made it to Elite Team, Is rude,cruel, and mean, against having Iris at Elden Academy

Episodes Edit

Episode List
Last Updated on October 12, 2018

Ep. 1 - First Impression
Ep. 2 - Chocolate Cake
Ep. 3 - Elden Academy
Ep. 4 - Reaver
Ep. 5 - Professor Delaney
Ep. 6 - Dead Rat (music)
Ep. 7 - Real Ghost (music)
Ep. 8 - Unleashed (music)
Ep. 9 - Elite Team (music)
Ep. 10 - Elite Team (II) (music)
Ep. 11
Ep. 12
Ep. 13 (music)
Ep. 14
Ep. 15
Ep. 16 (music)
Ep. 17
Ep. 18 (music)
Ep. 19
April Flops (music)
Ep. 20
Ep. 21
Ep. 22
Ep. 23
Ep. 24
Ep. 25
Ep. 26
Ep. 27

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