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Fulltime freelance artist. Sehari-hari bekerja sebagai ilustrator dan komikus. Paling suka kucing, warna merah, rasa matcha, dan makan ikan salmon (boleh mentah maupun matang).

Rough Translation (from machine translator; fixed a little) "Works as an illustrator and comic-artist. Likes cats, the color red, matcha flavor, and eating salmon (can be raw or cooked)."

"Archie the Redcat" is an Indonesian Webtoon creator. She is the creator of the well received webtoon series Eggnoid. Known for the romance genre, Eggnoid is a webtoon hit.

Archie The RedCat almost "never" shows her face in social media nor her true name. She doesn't like publication things. She always uses red cat character as her own persona. Her username, Archie The RedCat, is from initial of "Red" and "Cat". R: Ar and C: Chie become Archie The RedCat.

Since childhood she has been accustomed to read comics, especially manga. Her hobbies made her learned to draw and now become a professional comic artist. Archie has made many comics, some have been published, many have failed/rejected/stopped in the middle of the story.

Archie said Eggnoid's story is much inspired by many of the Clamp mangas, such as Chobbits and Angelic Layers. But the basis of its story is from the people who dream of companions, whether it be imaginary friends, dream girl/boyfriend, or idol who can accompany them because their human nature of lonely.

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Eggnoid - Eggy
Title Eggnoid
Creator Archie the Redcat

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