• ShutinOtaku


    April 29, 2018 by ShutinOtaku

    If 1+1= 6, does that mean 6+6 = 90?

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  • EarthlingnAkumi

    On the main page, LINE Webtoon is briefly described. However, there may still be some confusion as to what webtoons are, why there are so many different instances of it, patreons, how to create them, etc.

    Let's start with the history of webtoons then! Originally, webtoons were exclusively known as Korean webcomics. None more, none less. So where did LINE WEBTOON come around..? Well, after a recent decline in webtoons, the app LINE WEBTOON was created in 2005 as a platform for creators to share their comics. It launched in South Korea as "Naver Webtoon"

    So, where does the rest of the world come in?

    Fast forward. The year is 2014, and Naver Webtoon is blowing up in South Korea, so the creators of "Naver Webtoon" decided to launch it globally. …

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