Live with Yourself! is a comedy-esque comic created by Shen, the creator of Bluechair. In this webtoon, a freak accident with an explosive time-space computer leaves the main character, Todd, in a situation. He's stuck with 3 different versions of himself, Tomo (short for tomorrow; recent future ver), Oldie (the far-future version of himself), and Babs (his child/distant past ver). It is speculated by fans that his original name, Todd, is short for today.

Synopsis Edit

An explosive time-space accident leaves happy-go-lucky 20-something Todd living with himself, himself, and himself. You get to watch the struggle.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Todd Edit

Physical Desc: White hair, black eyes. Green hoodie.

Personality: Happy go-lucky. Works for Mr. Fixit's computer repair, which repairs but puts more viruses inside a computer. This computer repair caused the freak accident.

Quote: "Buddy, is this one of those youtube pranks? Cuz this is gonna make the worst video. 10 views. 12 dislikes."

Tomo Edit

Physical Desc: Same as Todd, except has spikier hair. Wears a blue hoodie.

Personality: Same as Todd.

Quote: "You've never owned a gun in your entire life."

Oldie Edit

Physical Desc: Same as Todd, except has no hair. Wears a yellow and red turndown collar shirt.

Personality: Same as Todd, but wiser than Todd and Tomo.

Quote: "Only you have the power to lift us all higher."

Babs Edit

Physical Desc: Same as Todd, except has no hair. Wears a pink baby blanket.

Personality: Same as Todd, but mixed with the typical traits of a young baby.

Quote: n/a

Secondary Characters Edit

"Professor" Fixit Edit

'Physical Desc: Bald headed, wears a yellow hat & shirt.

Personality: Strict, want things to be done in a certain way.

Quote: "You're setting a bad example."

Single-Appearance Characters Edit

Unnamed Girl Edit

'Physical Desc: Ponytail, wears a pink hoodie.

Personality: Acts cute, yet sneaky.

Quote: "Sold! For 500."

Episodes Edit

Episode List
Last Updated on April 14, 2018
*Ep. 1 - Dynamite with a Lazer Beam
  • Ep. 2 - Is This The Real Life?
  • Ep. 3 - Nothing Really Matters
  • Ep. 4 - Somebody, Somebody
  • Ep. 5 - Can't Get No Relief
  • Ep. 6 - Can Barely Stand on My Feet
  • Interlude: With Fanarts!
  • Ep. 7 - I Need No Sympathy
  • Ep. 8 - Keep Losing My Beat
  • Ep. 9 - Recommended at the Price
  • Ep. 10 - A Built-In Remedy
  • Ep. 11 - Can Barely Stand on my Feet
  • Interlude 2
  • Ep 12 - Ain't Gonna Face No Defeat
  • Ep 13 - Fridays I go Painting in the Louvre
  • Ep 14 - Little High, Little Low
  • Ep 15 - Caught in a Landslide
  • Ep 16 - You're my sunshine
  • Ep 17 - Lazing on a Sunday
  • Ep 18 - Life Had Just Begun
  • Ep 19 - Tomorrow Gets Me Higher
  • Ep 20 - Want To Try?
  • Interlude - Tommorow
  • Ep 21 - Just a Poor Boy
  • Ep 22 - Drive You Wild
  • Ep 23 - I Sometimes Wish I'd
  • Ep 24 - Come Together
  • Ep 25 - For You Blue
  • Ep 26 - We Can Work It Out
  • Ep 27 - Let it Be
  • Ep 28 - Yesterday
  • Ep 29 - Killer Queen
  • Ep 30 - Big Disgrace
  • Ep 31 - Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind
  • Ep 33 - Anytime
  • Ep 32 - Here we Are
  • Ep 34 - Blood on your Face
  • Ep 35 - Big Disgrace
  • Ep 36 - It's a Hard Life
  • Ep 37 - A Kind of Magic
  • Hiatus

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