Sam Young Edit

Sam Young is the main protagonist in the Webtoon Let's Play. She is an intelligent gamer girl with social anxiety and is caught in a love square. She has a dream of becoming a game developer but her dreams are crushed when a Viewtuber leaves a bad review on her first game. She has relationships with three different men, Marshall Law, Charles, and Link.

Appearance Edit

Sam is described to be a pretty young girl but does not really care about her outward appearance. She has large black glasses and short brown hair with bangs. She wears frumpy, oversized clothes because she feels uncomfortable showing a lot of skin.

Personality Edit

Sam is an intelligent person, seeing as she has a degree in computer science and works at a software company. She is also described to be hardworking by her boss, Charles. She is socially awkward and has social anxiety over confrontation. She loves gaming and coffee. Although she is usually awkward, when she talks about something that she is passionate about she becomes open and talkative.